What is Benggali Bread and how do you consume it ?

Roti Benggali actually derives its name from "Panggali" which means "Shareholders". A group of shareholders started the business together and named the bread Roti Panggali or bread shareholders in 1932. Local residents mispronounced the word "Paggali" and referred to the bread as "Roti Benggali" as we know it today. Roti Benggali is mostly sold by Indians and Indian Muslims only. As a result, they give the nickname " Mamak Roti". It could also be classified as a type of roti tawar.

The Bread is enjoyed differently by 3 main cultural groups, the Malay, Chinese and the Indians.

1. The Malays enjoy it with "Sup Tulang" - A clear soup derived from boiling chicken or mutton bones.

2. The Chinese enjoy it by itself, steamed or toasted with various spreads, the most famous would be spread Kaya (egg jam) and margarine. Today a lot of people enjoy the bread with peanut butter and also chocolate spreads.

3. The Indians are fond of dipping the bread into "overnight" Fish Curry for an economical breakfast or lunch.

4. Finally the most common among all would be to eat the bread after dipping into hot beverage as part of the famous "Malaysian Tea Time break".